Definition of bliss - part two!

Now you  know!  Holidays don't work for us (well not ones that include Nick!).  Bit of a shame really as I love travelling and get serious withdrawal if I don't hop on at least two planes a year (one there and one back!).  I blame my mother for the travel bug as she emigrated to New Zealand  from England at the grand old age of 21 - she tossed up between going to Canada or New Zealand - go figure!!!

Thankfully we have a safety net, a little slice of tranquillity, a place to feel at peace, a special place where we can take Nick and be together as a family.  Our getaway is only a short drive from Durban and the cottage we frequent is shared by three families.  The cottage is old and a little tired,  the glasses don't match and the plates are brown for goodness sake.  Who cares.... the atmosphere makes up for the lack of beautiful objects and the outlook over Crystal Dam is a sight to behold.  It is not unheard of for a few of the local zebras to be parking off on our lawn keeping the grass low for us :).  I have often been woken at night with the sound of munch, munch outside of my bedroom window.

Does my child with autism love Mbona as much as I do.  NO, however, he is very comfortable there!  He tolerates being dragged off for a walk, he will tentatively step into our little dinghy and sit forlornly while we row around the dam on the hunt for the ever elusive trout.  Look out if we do catch something, Nick will shrink into his corner of the boat and look disdainfully at the poor little thing flapping around in front of him.

Mind you, stick that boy in the car with access to music and he is a different child - some things never change!   Sometimes you just have to go with the flow (as I keep saying!!).  Mbona doesn't help Nick but it helps us, which in turn I think is good for the boy.  We are relaxed and we have the time to just 'be'. 

Definition of bliss?  MBONA 


  1. Got to get back there sometime! Di, I continue to be amazed at how far Nick has come these past couple of years.

  2. Looks like a gorgeous place. How cool to have the zebras!!! How wonderful that you have a place where Nick feels comfortable. That, in itself, is a fantastic gift. Hope you find lots of peace there. xxox Jen

  3. Di, I'm curled up in bed with morning coffee and Billy (our upside-down boy) watching your video and feeling great restorative comfort on your behalf!

    Billy, on the other hand has offered Nick his PS3 for the chance to visit your getaway haven. Though he wondered if there were cheetahs there too (Thank you David Attenborough!!)

  4. Everybody needs a Mbona in their life!

    Zebra! What a cool thing to have around for nature study! :-)

  5. Loved your video - how tranquil and restful.


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