The Cuteness Factor!

It was brought home to me today that my son is no longer CUTE.  I am not sure when this happened, when he lost his cuteness factor, when he suddenly stopped being a cute little boy and instead turned into a tall kid on the cusp of puberty!  Where did all those years go?  The older he gets, the older I get!  I am really not keen on the laughter lines that no longer look funny, the grey hair that is showing an appearance (that I try to disguise every six weeks by going to man who can!!).  As for the body - let’s just not go there!

I had some CUTE little kids at my house today and boy did I just want to bundle them up into my arms and smother them with kisses.  Two of those CUTE little kids were children with special needs.  They were great kids, each with their own idiosyncratic ways.  They are kids that you look at and say "ah, they are so cute" ("ok, a bit of a handful, but still CUTE").  During their visit my son kept to his own space, bouncing on his Physio ball while stimming on the laptop. Occasionally he would pop his head out of the kitchen door just to remind us that he was still around!  It's quite a thing to be surrounded by cuteness and then this giant of a child appears with a big grin on his face and making the gesture for "apple".  

I am not ready for this next step - I want to remain in the CUTE phase!!!!!



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