Life as we know it.......according to Nick!!

Think about this! Would you want your child to spend his days sitting in front of the television/computer/stereo (yes, we still have a stereo!!) or even parking off in the car listening to music? Now think a little bit more! Would you be happy if your child was only watching/playing/listening to the same video clip/computer game/music over and over and over (until you actually feel that YOU are having the sensory overload!)?

This is what my child could do quite happily all day and every day. Hmmmm, he sounds quite easy, don't you think? Life would actually be quite simple if we could keep Nick in his little box (figuratively speaking!) with all his favourite electronic gadgets!!

Sadly for Nick we don't want this for him; and unfortunately, for us to get him out of his little box requires a lot of hard work and a lot of patience! We don't want to pull him out his safe zone kicking and screaming - we want to ease him out slowly - so slowly and gently that he really WANTS to come out!

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