Snippets of hair!

This is a bit of a nebulous blog, however, I want to celebrate the fact that for the first time ever, my Nick had a haircut that didn't involve any snot or drama!!  Plus, I want my mum to see the latest video footage (she has been witness to a couple of 'Nicky haircuts' and believe me they weren't pleasant!!). To put it very bluntly, all previous haircuts have been a bloody nightmare!

A lot of factors played a part in today's visit to the Barber Shop!  Nick has been indicating to me for a few days that he wants a haircut........... amazing!!!  A facebook friend called Valerie (love her blog!) posted a photo of her child having a haircut - he had a towel wrapped around his shoulders. *light bulb moment*.  The amazing Kids First team spent the morning cutting little bits of hair off his head (a snip here....a little while later....a snip there!). Mind you, Judy managed to take a huge chunk out of his fringe which meant I couldn't chicken out of doing the deed - I HAD to take him for a haircut! :)

As luck would have it, we found a car park at the entrance (generally not possible) and the Barber Shop was quiet (generally very busy).  Thomas was also with me which meant he had his trusty cell phone - that wonderful little thing that we pull out when life gets a bit difficult for Nick!

We gave Nick the option of clippers or scissors.  He was most adamant that he wanted the scissors - phew, relief - if he had said no to the both of them, I am not sure what we would have done :).  He was also happy to have the towel around his shoulders (thank you Valerie x).  Obviously the cell phone was the winning card that kept him going but it's a start to building a positive memory of the whole haircut experience! 

Look, the haircut was not easy and there was quite a bit movement from Nick and I also got the odd little pinch, BUT for the first time ever he didn't scream or cry.  Nick coped very well, as did Linda who had the job of cutting his hair!  



  1. Di, I want to cry!

    I am so happy for you all. That our first non-drama cut helped your first one... though to me, the fact that Nick asked for the experience is the best sign of all.


  2. Hi Di, that was great, I know all about the drama and it is so great so see this haircut go so well.

    Im really going to miss our hairdresser from Toti, she knew all about the screaming and crying with Ethan and the last cut was went so smoothly with Ethan, now to find the person with all the patience and understanding here. Im sure there will be someone just a matter of finding them.

    Thanks for the blog.

  3. Snoopy dancing for you!!!!!!!

    I was wondering if the loud music bothers Nick, or does he like that?

  4. Thanks for all the comments! :) Tammy, it doesn't really bother him! However, he doesn't like loud 'unexpected' noises!


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