Time for teeth!

Brushing teeth ~ chapter one! 

Imperative language:   I call downstairs, "Nick, come and brush your teeth".

Stop and wait:   Nick responded within 30 seconds.

Decision making:   Nick took out the toothbrush and toothpaste. He took the lid off the paste and proceeded to squeeze the toothpaste onto the brush. He didn't stop squeezing!

Declarative language :   "Oooh, that is so much toothpaste, let's stop, stop, stop".

Decision making:   Nick hands me the toothpaste.

Declarative language:   "Let's start again".

Defining roles:   "Tell you what, you can hold the toothbrush and I will squeeze the toothpaste".

Declarative language:   As I model how to squeeze slowly, I chant the words "slowly, slowly".

I pause:   Nick takes the brush and starts to chew on it. As one does! :)

To be continued...................


  1. Sounds like a successful learning engagement....... and I love the colours of the toothbrush.
    I'm really liking your photos! xx

  2. Very good, and I have a young lady who chews her toothbrush here too :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! Truly we need to take a look at our dental health, not just for whitening teeth but also for a healthier one.


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