Hey, I think it worked!

Hmm, have managed to upload my first video.  Tell you what, this blogging is a lot of fun and I am certainly becoming a lot more computer literate.  Really enjoy putting together videos of Nick and then splicing and dicing to get to the finished product (think Thomas is rather impressed with his mother!!)



  1. He knows how to bribe you with kisses. How sweet!

  2. A great example of how to adapt a mundane activity for RDI. I really like that you are being very selective about your responses - especially with regard to his kissing and affection ... is this something you were being mindful of during the clip and/or are you are trying to gently wean him off this habit?

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks for your comment Brendan :) Nick has some seriously hectic patterns, one of them being the need to put his face to mine (looks sweet though!!). I wasn't being mindful of the pattern during the clip but unconsciously trying to ignore him! Wonder if the persistent ignoring will work! ;-)

  4. I think as long as you are consistently providing him with something else as a point of reference (i.e. your face and eyes) then selectively ignoring this habit is the way to go ... but be prepared for it to take a long time to fade. Even then, when he's uncertain he may want to revert back to this tried and trusted way of influencing interactional patterns.

    When it comes to signing, I have to put my hands up and say I am useless at understanding it! But I do see him on a couple of occasions make a sign before he then moves into your face. I think this is really positive - he's trying to communicate appropriately. In fact he waits patiently and calmly a couple of times. He's starting to 'get it' and his understanding can only grow over time.

    I suppose too he's still learning that people can have fun and experience share together whilst doing a task - this was probably a novel concept pre-RDI !


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