April ~ Day Eight

Here's the plan for today's RDI engagement.

My objective for this activity is to work on edge+1 and encourage experience sharing.


We are going to be picking up cotton buds with a pair of tweezers. Kind of a crazy activity, I hear you say! Big smile. To be frank, Nick's fine motor function is not the best, therefore, the use of tweezers is going to be so interesting.

Our roles:

*  I take a turn picking up a cotton bud and place it into a container.
    Nick takes the same turn.

We will do this for a few cotton buds. If I feel that it is going well, I will add a variation and little challenge. Edge +1

*  My role will be to hold the cotton bud
    Nick's role will be to collect it from me using the tweezers


I plan to make lots of declarative comments. I will pause the action and wait for Nick's response.

What happened:

First up, Nick was very unimpressed and definitely in *chore mode*. I persevered and Nick picked up his role with ease. He has the strangest way of holding the tweezers, which meant it was difficult for him to grasp the cotton bud. I had to show him a few times how to hold the tweezers correctly. I was able to add a variation to our pattern and thus give Nick an extra challenge. As for the experience sharing..... Nick's body language certainly threw out a few negative vibes on what he thought of the activity. Oh well, win some and lose some!

What next:

I would like to carry on with the tweezer practice, so will put some thought into some more interesting activities.

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