April ~ Day Twenty Six

RDI is bigger than what I share. I write about the journey with my son, who just happens to be on the more severe end of the spectrum. My stories are a simple description of what helps us to continually make progress. Your child may be more advanced or perhaps not yet at Nick's stage of development. It doesn't matter. The RDI program addresses where your child is at. Maybe my blog posts do not fit your situation. That also doesn't matter. We each have our own personal stories.

This journey also includes me. I share my role as Nick's mother and how RDI has helped me to become a better parent to him. I have no problem in admitting that I needed help on how to guide him effectively. I thank RDI every day for giving me the tools to insure a better quality of life for both us.

Thank YOU for reading my posts. I hope that my words help you in some way.

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