April ~ Day Two

Hey ho, it's laundry day!

For this RDI planned engagement my objective was to continue encouraging a working partnership with Nick. The more I expose him to short co-regulatory activities, the more he is comfortable to join me.

Activity:              Transferring dirty laundry from the clothes basket into the wash basket.

Roles:                  I pass Nick an item of clothing
                            Nick places the item into the wash basket

Limits:                 No TV. Keep transferring until clothes basket is empty.

Communication:  Explain each role. Use eye gaze and body language. Declarative comments

What happened:  I described our roles. Nick listened and then deliberately moved away from me, sitting himself down on the ottoman at the bottom of my bed. I paused what I was about to do and had a quick rethink about my plan. Nick was too far away from me, therefore I decided to throw him an item of clothing. Woohoo, he took up the challenge. He caught the item and promptly (using a basketball throw) threw it into the wash basket. We carried on this way until the clothing basket was empty. I adjusted the speed of my throwing and also took care to change the direction of my throw. Nick managed really well with the little changes.

Conclusion:          It is important to be flexible. Plans change.... it's called life!

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