April ~ Day One

Household chores are great. Cough, cough, splutter!

Seriously, they do provide fabulous opportunities to engage with Nick. Sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants, however, if I really want to focus on the activity, especially when working on Nick's 'edge+1', I always write up a framework sheet. This keeps me focused and I know exactly what I want us to achieve.

The objective for today's framework was for us to practice getting back into the groove of working together. It's been a while since our last RDI engagement. Blush.

Activity:  Washing the dishes

Roles:      I wash an item and place it into the rinsing sink (I have a twin sink)
                Nick takes the item out of the water and places it into the dish rack

Limits:     No music or iPad. We only wash six items

Communication:  Discuss and model each role. Pausing. Declarative comments. Thinking aloud

Conclusion:  Nick understood his role, although on one occasion I did need to pause the action and remind him about our roles. I am glad that I kept the activity short. Nick was making the sign for "finished" after four items, therefore it was helpful to spotlight to him that we only had to do two more items. Will revisit this activity over the next few days, adding little variations and challenges to our original roles.


  1. I need to do this too, there's not been many doing household activities here of late!

    1. Some days I just can't get my head around any household stuff! :)


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