April ~ Day Sixteen

Me:     Hey Nick, I need some help unloading the dishwasher.

Nick:  Turns off the TV and comes to help.

Me:     Ooh, it's dark in here.

Nick:   Turns on the light.

Me:     Oooooh, I'm coming to get you. My arms in the air, Scooby Doo style!

Nick:   Runs down the corridor, looking back at me and laughing.

Me:     I am taking the dogs for a walk.

Nick:  Waves me goodbye. As in.... I do not want to come with you!

Me:     Oh no, I can't find my glasses.

Nick:   Scans the room and finds them for me.

Me:     Right I am going out in the car.

Nick:  Quickly puts on his shoes and is in the car before I can say 'are you coming?'

Me:     Let's read a book.

Nick:   Go's off to find a book and comes back after making his choice.

Declarative comments work a treat.


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