April ~ Day Twenty Nine

I have enjoyed writing a blog post every day for the last month. It has been so helpful to look back and take stock of the planned engagements that I have shared here. Woohoo, I have a list that I can refer to! I am going to make sure that we keep up our practice with each activity and also keep adding little challenges. Self care also pops up on the list, as it should! Have you done anything special for you today?

1.  Washing dishes

2.   Laundry

3.   Brushing teeth

4.   Carrying heavy objects

5.   Self care (me)

6.   Cutting fruit

7.    Self care (me)

8.    Fine motor exercise using tweezers

9.    Sorting clothes

10.  Closing doors

11.  Self care (me)

12.  Walking together

13.  Packing a weekend case

14.  Unpacking foodstuff

15.  Self care (me)

16.  Declarative comments

17.  Setting limits!

18.  Making fruit and vegetable juice

19.  Bathtime

20.  Collecting the ingredients for cooking

21.  Self care (me)

22.  Emptying the dishwasher

23.  Board game

24.  A different board game

25.  Self care.  A poem.

26.  My thoughts

27.  Emptying the dishwasher (non-verbal)

28.  Sharing a blog post written by Lisa Palasti

29.  Today's post

30.  My final post for April 2017

Self care ~ today

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