April ~ Day Twenty Five

Some days we just hang out

This boy and me

Sharing the same space

The same air

Held together by invisible string

A glance to check in with the other

A movement to indicate.... what I don't know

A book appears

I read

He listens

I point to a word

He reads it out loud

Mutual enjoyment brings light

From dark

Loudly I exclaim

Delighted he laughs

A sweet book

A lovely moment captured in time

Mother and son together

I wait

He turns the page

Always ready to take on a role

I look in wonder

At the child I helped create

The man who is a constant in my day

It's not easy

I must admit

Why me, I ask

Why not you, they say

All I can do is...





No matter how hard


  1. Can you smile and shed tears all at the same time? Beautifully written and totally understood. Hugs.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements

    1. Thank you, Jane. The words just flowed onto the page! xx


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